1986 to 1993
Wim Warman studied at the Rotterdam Conservatory.
His main subject was Hammond Organ but he also developed his piano skills in different genres (jazz, pop, latin, fusion) during his study.

Wim got his DM-diploma (teaching degree) at the conservatory.

He got his UM-diploma (performing degree).

1993 to 1997
Wim also worked with singer Dave Benton, who lived in the Netherlands at that time. They sometimes played together, they made productions together and Wim also played on Dave Benton's CD "30th Anniversary" (See discography and music samples).
Dave Benton later moved to Estonia, where he continued his career and won the Eurovision Songcontest for Estonia.

Wim played in different groups.
Formed Latin-Fusion trio 'Why Not?!' with bassist John Muskiet and drummer Chris van de Vijfeijke.
Along with playing other impressive concerts, this trio was also in the finals of the Heineken Crossover Award that year.

Became the pianist of the world famous Argentinian Tango-orchestra 'Sexteto Canyengue", founded by Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof.
With this orchestra he toured the world.

Played with Sexteto Canyengue at The Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, also on the main stage.

1997 and 1998
Played with Sexteto Canyengue at The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Sexteto Canyengue also made several television- and radio-appearances and recorded CD's (see discography page).

Wim left Sexteto Canyengue and became active in pop- and dance music together with producer Tim Brouwers for half a year.
Together they made several productions and 3 CD-singles (see discography/CD-singles) and worked with singer Eddie Josepha, trumpet player Arthur Flink and percussionist Alaor Soares.

1999 to 2002
Wim played with different groups and projects, while working on a new style of his own, a mix of jazz, latin, fusion and Argentinean Tango, with also shades of classical music.

Co-arranged all pieces on the CD "Stad vol gekken" of cabaretier Tim van der Sluijs.
He also played piano and keyboards on this CD together with the Band Vol Gekken (this band is now going under the name 'Latin Confusion')

Recorded the CD "The Forest" with his own Latin-Fusion compositions and arrangements.
The CD has earned some great reviews in different magazines. (See the CD information page)
Became a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS) for the Argentinian Tango department and other departments and still teaches there.
Subjects: piano, transcription, improvisation, orchestra's, digital music notation etc.

Recorded the solo piano CD "Cuando La Luz Aparece" with 8 of his own tango- and latinarrangements, of which 4 are his own compositions.
This CD also earned high marks and great reviews. (See the CD information page)

Performed with poet Simon Vinkenoog and saxophonist Ruud Bergamin in Theater Tilburg. Poems by Vinkenoog, accompanied by Wim and Ruud with different genres like jazz and tango.
There was so much good interaction, that it was almost like if they had shared the stage together for many years.

Performed with tango orchestra OTRA at the big Tango festival in Buenos Aires, Argentinia. This tour was a great succes.
The concerts took place in Teatro El Dorrego and Teatro de la Ribera and on more venues. The Argentinian public was estatic.

Totally unexpected Wim performed live on stage with world famous bass player Richard Bona in a surprise jamsession (see video page).
Participated in a contest on internet radio station and talentsite Mucaah, in which Wim became the most populair artist of the 2nd semester of 2007 with an average point of 9.6 out of 10.
Wim also composed and played Fender Rhodes on 2 pieces for a CD recording of percussion player Martin Verdonk. Together with guitarist Peter Tiehuis, bass player Reno Steba, drummer Phil Maturano and of course Martin Verdonk himself.

Next to concerts, projects and teaching, Wim also does a lot of coordination work for the Tango department in CODARTS.

Wim recorded the CD "Brisa" with 9 of his own tango- and latinarrangements, of which 4 are his own compositions .
This CD accentuates Wim's own playing style even more. Also very enthusiastic reviews here (See the CD information page).
Worked together with pianist Roel Spanjers (amongst others pianist of the group 'Normaal') and they gave a masterclass Blues and Boogie Woogie in Puttershoek, Netherlands (see video page).
They repeated this in 2010.

Performed and gave workshops in different countries like Germany, Belgium and Turkey. Of course also in the Netherlands.

Performed and gave workshops in different countries like Germany and Estonia.
In may 2011: Release live CD "TangoZZs" in duo with saxophonist Ruud Bergamin. This concert took place in september 2010 in the Van Cappellenhuis in Capelle a.d. IJssel.
A combination of Tango, Jazz and Latin.

- Concerts, workshops and masterclasses in the Netherlands and abroad, for example Oslo (Norway).
- Release CD "TangoZZs & More - Live at the Toonzaal" together with saxophone player Ruud Bergamin, violinist Ruzana Tsymbalova and bandoneĆ³n player Santiago Cimadevilla.
- Release CD "Tocar - Birds of Paradise", latin-jazz quartet with Rik Cornelissen (accordion), Taco Nieuwenhuizen Segaar (bassguitar and double bass) and Enrique Firpi (drums).
- Playing on EP of Saskia Josy (soul poetry).

- Concerts, workshops and masterclasses in the Netherlands and abroad.

- Recording and release CD "Omar Mollo & Gran Orquesta Típica OTRA - Tango Cosmopolitan".
Wim plays several pieces on the CD and is one of the music arrangers for this album; also his composition "Colores de Tango" is included.
This CD was nominated for a Latin Grammy.
This CD also won the prestigious 'Premio Carlos Gardel'.

- Concerts, workshops and masterclasses in the Netherlands and abroad.

- Wim has posted several Live Stream Concerts on Wim Warman Live Facebook page.

- Working on new compositions and preparing for a new album with pop songs, new compositions of Wim Warman and lyricist Arie Visser.

- Wim becomes artistic advisor for the Dutch International Tangoweek, a big annual Tango festival, together with tango singer Omar Mollo and organiser Frank Perquin.

- Start of a new solo project with Meditation music on more than 150 digital platforms.
- Planned release of the pop album of "Cosmic Promise", the project with lyricist Arie Visser. Wim has composed and arranged music for all projects in which he has been or is involved.

Recent projects of Wim:

- As a solo pianist (Argentinian Tango, Jazz, Latin, Pop)
- Why Not?! , latin-fusion trio with John Muskiet (bass) and Chris van de Vijfeijke (drums)
- Tocar, latin-jazz quartet with Rik Cornelissen (accordion), Taco Nieuwenhuizen Segaar (bassguitar and double bass) and Enrique Firpi (drums)
- Duo TangoZZs with saxophone player Ruud Bergamin (improvised Tango, Jazz and Latin-Jazz)
- Trio TangoZZs & More with saxophone player Ruud Bergamin and violinist Ruzana Tsymbalova
- Trio Stuarda with saxophone player Ruud Bergamin and soprano Waldin Roes
- Composition of pop songs with Arie Visser
- Artistic advisor for the Dutch International Tangoweek
- Meditation music project

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